Some new pics!

Ok, well, not really new, but new to me.

These were taken over a few month period during the building of the Nuvo Bike. Just a few random shots of the couple hundred pics that came on the dvds.

Shooter was Melissa Brewer.

Thanks for viewing!



Guess what?

I was featured on  Velocipede Salon. Check out the linkie!

I’ll do a proper post and bike status update over the weekend.


Ford Mega Tour!

In progress. Should be done here in the next day or so. Wow, this is some kinda touring rig…

Pics shortly!


Dragoo delivery!

Lyndsey Wilson College rider Allie Dragoo came by on Saturday to pick up her new road bike. She was all smiles upon seeing it and is thrilled with the new bike. We spent an hour or so doing a final fit and going over the specifics of the bike, just in case someone asks her about it.

Welcome to the Don Walker Cycles family, Allie!


Status of Bikes

This week and next we have a bunch going on here.

Incoming from paint this week and next;

1. Dragoo road. Allie will be coming in Friday or Saturday for her final fit and delivery

2.Dragoo Track. On its way back from paint in Ca. this week. It could be next week before it arrives.

3. Ford Tour. This is a tough one. Its still being worked on, but I will have it powdercoated locally later this week.

Being built in the next couple weeks;

1. Gabriele Trike.  This is HOT. Gabe has been waiting patiently for me to get over NAHBS and get my sponsorship bikes outta here.

2. Wiz Road. Hot! Within a week or so.

Too much typing, back to work!


Update from Wiz in Trinidad!


The bike is fantastic. It rides like a champ and is definitely super stiff. The oversized tubes and cranks make for a super responsive feel. The handling is great. The first time I hopped on the bike it immediately felt right. There was no “getting used to” phase. A lot of the guys have been commenting on it. Everybody thinks it looks really sharp. Ok we are about to leave for Tobago, but there are pictures from Ed Hood on and should be some on Talk to you soon! Wiz

Thats good news! I love that kind of feedback! Keep up the good work Wiz!!!


Good Luck Wiz!

Today, Don Walker Cycles sponsored professional rider, David Wiswell, heads to Trinidad and Tobago for the Beacon Cup Track Racing Series. Wiz will be aboard his track bike that was unveiled at NAHBS back in February. This is the first of many big races that he will be in that will help provide me with feedback for making  bicycles that compete at this high level.

Good Luck Wiz! We’re pulling for you from Speedway!